Thursday, 18 April 2013

Just a phase

I changed the stall around today, important when you think that putting something in a new context or in a different space can make it look completely different. But it totally applies to style, anything creative. How I look today is just a phase, how I look tomorrow is another phase. Being stuck in the same thing forever is dull, its un progressive, do you want to be still doing the job in twenty years? Will you always wear that nail colour? Will a mini skirt and glitter crop top be weird on you in ten years time...... er probs not. (but maybe that's just me) So wherever the wind takes you today, style wise, just go the hell with it. Why not? Tomorrow you can change again. How exciting....... Life is to short to stay the same.

And since the sun is out people seem to have hit the pubs, anyway I was having a meeting in the Bee's Mouth the other night, (a quirky Brighton pub) when I had a elderflower cider in the cutest class ever..... check out the illustration on it, the brand was called Idun's I think, mega nice!

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